The first (qualifying) round based on the video recordings will define the selection. On the recording there may be pieces of music chosen by the participants.The recorded material can be a concert, studio or home-made version.The sent repertoire should last from 5 to 10 minutes. (The repertoire is not required entirely recorded). The videos as well can be uploaded on and posted in a special space provided for it.

You can apply your registration <<here>>

Once the receipt of your recorded material is confirmed, the admission fee CHF 120.- should be payed to the account indicated below.

Reciever:                   Association "CRESCENDO.GENEVE"

Account number:     12-841172-8

Bank:                         PostFinance (Switzerland)    

IBAN:                         CH93 0900 0000 1284 1172 8         

BIC:                            POFICHBEXXX

Destination:              Concours Crescendo


Applications for the participation in the competition are accepted until March 30th, 2016.